USS Imperator


Coffee Talk, Ship Talk

Posted on Thu Apr 29th, 2021 @ 11:53pm by Commodore Ledeya Ehestrei & Lieutenant Commander Aedele Baril
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Mission: Absolute Power
Location: Starbase Sirius
Timeline: Pre Mission

Commander Aedele Baril sat at a cafe on the promenade that overlooked the docking ring. In her hands was a hot cup of Terran Café Mocha. She watched as an Intrepid Class Starship came into the docking area, making a turn for a nearby gate. She always admired the small multi-purposed ships as she swallowed a sip of the hot beverage in her hands.

"Gorgeous isn't she?" A voice said from behind the Commander. A woman stood there admiring the ship herself, Ledeya Ehestri was a striking woman in uniform but outside of it, she stood out despite all her attempts to avoid it. She wore a long flowing black dress and stood there with a tea and saucer in her hand looking completely out of place but as if she belonged there at the same time.

Turning to look at the woman, she seemed familiar but couldn't place the face. "Yes, she is," Aedele replied. "Care to sit?" she gestured with a hand.

Ledeya easily moved to sit in the chair opposite the woman. It was far to busy with the base at the moment whether it was for the holidays or whether it was due to be a hub but she would not be planning to come to a base again around year end. “Appreciate it. So which ship is yours?” She wondered.

"I've recently been assigned to the USS Imperator as it's new Executive Officer," Adele replied. "I'm sorry but you look familiar but I just can't place a name."

“Ah.” Ledeya could not not help but shake her head thinking of Winter and the trouble he had gotten himself into that had put him in front of a tribunal with her. Ledeya put her cup and saucer down on the table and smiled a little. “Ledeya Ehestri.” Was all the woman said with a weak smile looking at the woman more carefully.

Aedel paused before taking another sip of her drink. "Ah, Captain Ledeya Ehestri," Aedele said as she finally placed the name. "It is an honor to meet you, ma'am. What brings you here?" the trill woman then continued to sip her drink.

"It is Commodore," Ledeya admitted with a sly grin at the dig but nodded. "I am actually bringing half of your new crew actually." She at least had brought two new senior officers and two dozen crew personnel changes. It was the easiest way to get them to the base as she was already in the general direction as she had been on her way for the tribunal before New Rixx had held her and her crew up.

"My apologies, Commodore," Aedele replied sheepishly. "And I appreciate you bringing the Imperator's new crew arrivals with you. Where does duty take you next, ma'am?"

Ledeya smiled. She did not mind the mix-up, it happened often with commodore as most people assumed still Captain but Ledeya had worked hard as had her crew to gain that rank and prestige. “That is a very good question,” Ledeya admitted with a bit of a pondering look. “We have not been given any orders yet.” There were plenty of places that they would be sent it just depending on Starfleet.

"Ah, the old hurry up and wait," Aedele commented, understanding. Starfleet often wanted people at a certain place and time but take their sweet time in issuing any orders. It was one reason why she had enjoyed Intel so much. Often Starfleet let the officers and NCOs of Intelligence work at their own pace--which could be a good and bad thing depending on the person.

"It happens quite often for us. We go where we are needed." Beth admitted with a small smile. They were the ones who got sent on the secretive stuff that Starfleet did not want to get out in the fleet. It was almost boring sometimes knowing they were going into trouble or a mystery. "What about the Imperator?"

Aedel shrugged. "Impossible to say ma'am as I've yet to report in to Captain Winter. I've heard good things about the ship however but that Captain Winter is a rather unique and old fashioned Captain."

Ledeya nearly snorted into her cup but held it back as the professional she was. Winter was a man child who thought the world owed him a favour was the impression she had gotten when he had been disciplined for his last stunt but the woman had a right to her own first impressions. "Certainly unique." She assured with a smile. "Were you not given any more information in your transfer?" Maybe 47 worked differently but she always made sure for the most port officers knew a bit about what they joining.

Aedele shrugged. "Just the ship, it's assigned area of operations, ma'am--which I happened to be well versed in, and the name of the Captain. I've worked with less information."

"I bet you have been intelligence." Ledeya laughed without missing a bit as she looked at her empty tea cup and saucer with a sigh. Maybe she should get another one before she headed back to the Cosmos. Now it was all making sense why the woman had been assigned over other officers.

Aedele nodded. "Yes ma'am. I am still shocked at being picked as the Imperator's next XO." She had never seen herself in command of anything and even enjoyed her field assignments where she only had to worry about herself. Now she had an entire ship to look out for.

"First command assignment as well. It is a very special moment when we go from being a department officer to command." Ledeya said appreciating the sentiment of the moment. She had moved from Chief Medical Officer to Command barely three years ago after the attack on her ship and the deaths of all the senior officers that had left her in charge.

"Does it get easier, ma'am? she asked as she finished her beverage.

"Somedays." Ledeya assured with a quick smile and quirk of her head. "and then somedays you miss the department around you that you could escape into instead of having everyone looking to you." Ledeya was under no illusions and she would not give the other woman them. It was the only way officers learned some times by having hard cold facts.

"Understood, ma'am. I should be getting to my temporary quarters to pack as the Imperator is scheduled to arrive soon. Thank you for your time," Aedele said as she got up from her table.

“Any time Commander. Good luck.” Ledeya assured quickly as she moved her gaze back to the ships moving around. She would never get bored of the view or the people she met.