USS Imperator

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Puppy Tails

Posted on Sun Apr 18th, 2021 @ 10:40am by Lieutenant Jania Elian MD

Mission: Absolute Power
Location: Jania's cabin
Timeline: Current

The letter had come shortly after her arrival in the Imperator. From a friend of Elian's. Lionel was a pain but he had good taste in gifts,.. apparently. Not that she had ever seen. But she had not screamed at him when she called him after receiving his letter. Instead, she had drawn on diplomatic reserves and now found herself walking to the Cargo bay. To pick up a delivery.

=/\= Cargo Bay =/\=

Nia entered the cargo bay of the USS Dominator. Snagging an ensign she said "I am Lt. Jania Elian, I here there is a crate for me?"

The Ensign nodded. "Yes Ma'am." He pointed to a large wire cage. "That one there."

Nia sighed and walked over and looked down at the Great Pyrenees puppy. It was a ball of white fur. "Lionel you so die."

She sighed again and opened the cage and the small ball of fur bounced out. "Come here you white tornado" She lunged and grabbed the dog. Picking the pup up and holding so they were eye to eye. "Hmm that's what I will call you. Tornado."

Picking up the pups toys she had the crate sent to recycling and took the pup home to her cabin. This was stupid. This dog was gonna grow to huge size. Where was she going to keep him when he grew into adult size?

Cradling the puppy like a baby she walked down to the turbolift and ordered it to the deck where her cabin was located. She had spent the night Dog proofing her cabin for this dog that Lionel had so.. outrageously sent her. She would get her revenge on him one way or another.

Entering her cabin mere minutes later she let the dog sniff around and showed him where he should go to.. do his business. Then she sat down to watch him explore.

= 2 hours later=

Jania had gone to her duty station, leaving her new puppy alone.


["I am sorry please restate your request"] The computer replied to the small biological being barking at the main door to Jania Elian's cabin.

"Woof, Woof!!"

["Unable to comply. Please restate your request"]

The small great Pyrenees ran around in a circle and barked again at the
door and disembodied voice. "Woof, Woof, Woof!!"

The computer replied ["As I am unable to comply and comprehend your request, all further requests are to be typed into the console provided.
Good Day!"]

The puppy growled and nudged the door with his nose. He was lonely and
wanted out.

But the door did not budge at all. So Tornado sat there and whined.

=Several Hours later=

Her shift done, Jania pulled her self out of Medical and headed home. She re-entered her cabin and found her dog waiting for her.

"Hey Tornado" She said softly sitting down on the floor as the puppy romped over her gently. "Come on lets go for a walk" She grabbed the leash and attached it to the collar.

Together they left the cabin.

Jania wished she could have taken the pup with her to her work but knew better. Medical was no place for a dog.


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