USS Imperator

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New Duty Assignment

Posted on Sat Mar 13th, 2021 @ 5:35pm by Lieutenant JG Tobias Argyle

Mission: Shoreleave 2

Tobias sat down in the only deck chair that was available to him, looking out over the crashing waves he took in a breath of the sea breeze and then raised the mug of coffee that he had just made to his lips. It was his last day of shore leave on this little back water planet. Later on this afternoon he would make his way to the the Star Port and then off to the USS Imperator his new duty assignment where he would assume the title Chief Intelligence Officer.

He was pleased with himself. He was going to get to run his own department. The idea was foreign to him and yet at the same time felt comfortable. When he had put in for the transfer he had figured it was about time to do it, but there was always a little bit self doubt in there. The warm liquid soothed all that though. It was nice on this Planet. Sparsely populated, he had found a little area to build this little cabin and spend a few weeks "roughing it" it will be good to get back to technology. As much as bathing in the Ocean had seemed nice to start with the salt was starting to get annoying.

Finishing off his coffee he went back into the small cabin and gathered his things. Putting on his backpack he moved over to where the small little charge was that he had placed as soon as when the cabin was built. He had made the cabin small enough that the charge that he had brought would do more than enough damage to not leave any trace that he was there except the small crater it would leave.

Ensuring that there was nothing left he exited the cabin. The explosive was set on proximity so when he got out of the blast zone it would go off, he didn't look back as he left the area. He heard the boom and just kept walking trusting that it had done its job properly. Now it was on to a new position and hopefully new friends.


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