USS Imperator

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The Time Is Now

Posted on Sun Mar 7th, 2021 @ 12:40am by Lieutenant Commander Thorrin & Lieutenant Commander Aedele Baril

Mission: Shoreleave 2
Location: Quarters of Aedele Baril
Timeline: MD11 2000 Hours

Thorrin knew that in order to fully succeed in his plan he would need help. He had already began to lay the groundwork for someone who could help with the science. Now he needed someone who could stay a step ahead of Isaacs. He had looked over the service records of the crew and learned that the new XO has a background in Intelligence. So he grabbed a three hundred year old bottle of Calvados from his own private stash and made his way to her quarters. This is going to be a big risk, going to the XO with this. However, if I can keep it in the hypothetical until I am sure I think it will work. Thorrin thought as he made his way to her quarters. When he got there he rang the chime sure that this was the right decision.

Sitting on her loveseat, Aedele looked up at the door from her PaDD regarding the inhabitants of Restnah Four at hearing the door chime. "Enter," she called, wondering who could be visiting her as she set the PaDD down on the nearby coffee table and standing.

Thorrin walked in and mustered his most charming smile. His voice dripped of the honeyed accent from New Orleans. "Evening, my dear Commander. I thought I would come pay you a visit and perhaps share some of this fine Calvados. I do so have a loss for people to share the fine wines in my collection with."

Aedele eyed the bottle of liquor before going to the replicator. "What is the occasion?" she asked. "Two standard terran wine glasses," she told the replicator as the computer chirped and produced the two glasses.

"No particular occasion. I do enjoy meeting the new comers to the Imperator and sharing with them a good bottle of wine. I find it to be the best way to get to know someone." Thorrin uncorked the bottle and poured it into the two glasses provided. "It is best to let aged calvados breathe for two minutes before taking the first sip. This wine is almost as old as me." He added with a chuckle. The tone in his voice was very different from the one used on the bridge. It had to be if he was going to get Aedele to help him with anything. For the time being he had to bide his time until the moment he could breach the subject.

"Well, we already met earlier, but the wine was missing," she commented before grabbing one of the slightly filled glasses, giving it a slight swirl as the scent of the wine made its way to her. "It smells good at least," she said before taking a seat in a nearby chair. She gestured for him to sit. "So where did you acquire this wine?"

"Of course we met before, but that was in an official capacity. I became a wine connoisseur shortly after arriving on Earth. I settled in New Orleans, hence the accent. I simply started collecting at that point and have collected ever since. That particular bottle was purchased off the estate of Constance Greene." Thorrin said with a jovial tone to his voice. He hoped to put her at ease before turning the conversation toward the timeline. He raised his glass. "Here is to new friends..."

"New friends," she raised her glass to the toast then took a sip of the wine. "It's very good," she said after a moment then. "So what drew you to settle on Earth?"

"It was the only undiscovered planet in that time..." Thorrin allowed his voice to trail off as he realized something. "Aedele, may I call you Aedele? Do you know how old I actually am?"

According to your service record, you are around four-hundred and fifty. And you don't look a day over three-hundred. Why?" she wondered.

Thorrin laughed at the compliment. "El Aurians none of us actually know how long our lifespans are. I came to Earth in the year 1970 and settled in New Orleans. I did not choose Earth, it sort of chose me. At the time it was a habit of El Aurians to enter alien societies to learn about the people and then leave without a trace. I however, fell in love with humans and their society so here I am. Surely yourself as a Trill has noticed the tenacity of humans that is admirable."

Aedele nodded. "They are many things. Tenacity among them," she agreed. Personally she often found humans too impatient and often led with their heart instead of their minds. "And you lived on Earth ever since?"

"In one way or the other. That is until humans themselves went to the stars and developed warp drives. It was at that point that I turned my interests into time itself." Thorrin chuckled as he hinted toward the real meaning of this conversation. "Life has a habit of going full circle I guess. How about you? Surely there is something special that brings you to Starfleet."

'Time itself,' Aedele thought. Now that's an odd interest, at least to her. She had heard that El-Aurians often had a different way of seeing time than other species. "It had a lot to do with being rejected by the Symbiosis Commission and my husband at the time being a Starfleet Officer offered it as an alternative. It just felt like the right thing to do," she shrugged.

Excellent a rejection that I can play off of... Thorrin thought. "I can understand the want to be with a spouse. If I may be so bold, if you could go back and change the decision by the symbiosis commission, would you?" It was time to steer the conversation to the meat of the matter.

There was a long silence. She didn't know why Thorrin would ask such a question. She wondered what sort of person she would be and where she would be. It likely would mean that she wouldn't have had to endure the pain of rehabilitation and losing her arm in the shuttle crash--but those experiences made her who she was today. Slowly, she shook her head. "No, I don't think so. Why do you ask?"

"A moment ago when I said that time was a hobby of mine, that was a stretch of the truth. In actuality it is my passion, my life's work. In another life I served in the Department of Temporal Investigations. I am curious about people's penchant to want to change the past, without a care for what changes that may do for the future. Of course this is why we have the Temporal Prime Directive. However, it is broken more times than anyone can count. In particular by Starfleet Captains..." Thorrin allowed his voice to trail off as he temporarily stepped off his soapbox. He did not want to monopolize the conversation and had to see what the Commander would say.

It was known that Starfleet had violated the Temporal Directive--sometimes accidentally and sometimes on purpose. There were the more famous events such as the event where then Admiral Kirk had traveled to 20th Century Earth to bring two humpback whales--and a 20th Century Marine Biologist to the late 23rd Century and then there were those smaller instances that were often never heard about. "I'm aware of some of the instances. Why are you telling me this? Has Captain Winter ever violated the Temporal Prime Directive?" Aedele asked before taking another sip of her wine.

"Not that I am aware of. However, now that you mention it I believe that if he had to he would..." It was time for Thorin to cut to the chase as it were. "...I speak of one Captain and one instance in particular. There is a Starfleet Captain who has breached the temporal prime directive probably more than anyone else, Captain and now Admiral Katherine Janeway. She has breached this directive and received pats on the back for doing so. One of the tasks of the DTI is to set right any issues with the timeline that are left by infractions. One such infraction goes unchecked, uncorrected. This infraction is when Admiral Janeway travelled back through time to bring her ship to Earth sooner. My question is do you feel that this is right? That this not be corrected?" Thorrin paused to sip his wine and allow all that he has said to sink in. He pressed a button on the console and a holographic projection of the timeline came up. "We are not living in the universe that we should be..."

"So what would change other than Voyager being brought back home sooner? I don't really see what harm was caused by her actions," Aedele asked. While it was true that even a small change could alter the future drastically, also known as the "Butterfly Effect, Aedele couldn't foresee any impactful changes with Janeway's actions.

"A number of Janeway's crew would have died in the extra time the ship was in the Delta Qudrant. Since those people never died they have returned and in some cases married and had children. The generations over time is what is going to cause detriment to society. In fact a few of these ancestors are going to start a great war. This is not something that I am making up, I have done my research, my due diligence." Thorrin punched up the data on the screen so she could have a closer look on all he had done.

"Add to that the fact that no one seems to want to look into the temporal impact of her actions. In fact when I suggested it I was summarily drummed out of the DTI. There is definitely something going on here. The human William Shakespeare said it best when he said: "Methinks there is something rotten in the state of Denmark."

"The thing is," Aedele spoke after a moment of thought, digesting the information. "The Federation gained a lot of information and technology on the Borg and how to fight them with Voyager's return. I'm not saying you're wrong but we can't just condemn a person for the actions of those that have yet to commit any wrongdoing or been born yet. At best we can watch and try to set up inhibitors at the appropriate times."

hmmmmm, there may be hope yet for her. She seems to understand some of it. Thorrin thought. "I agree the question is though where do we draw the line. Voyager returned with all that information and it is ok because it benefited the Federation. However, suppose it didn't, suppose Voyager returning early resulted in the entire destruction of a civilization that we have no knowledge of. Does that still make it okay?"

"Of course not, but that is not what happened and I would at least hope that Admiral Janeway would have the same thought of putting the needs of the many above the needs of the few." Aedele responded before taking another sip of wine.

"That is just it... she did put the needs of the many ahead of the few. However, she did not like that outcome so she went back in time and changed it. We also do not know what effects her time travel had. The DTI is still looking into that." Thorrin explained and then took the last sip in his glass. "I think the two of us could sit here and chat about the merits of events until the end of the galaxy. I believe the true question is should the Admiral not be held responsible for what she did at the very least."

"That's not really for me to say," Aedele began. "But personally I believe Admiral Janeway has gotten away with alot but in this instance, I can't see any harm her actions caused at the moment. We just need to trust in the DTI to keep things running smoothly."

"That is when the DTI chooses to uphold what they were created for. The issue is that people are picking and choosing what directives to be enforced what does not have to be. This is something cannot be and should not be..." Thorrin spoke passionately about this, as it was his life's passion. He felt that if Aedele would help it would take more time but for now the ground work had been laid. He smiled as his mood changed to something a little more jovial. "Well, I think that is enough serious talk for the time being. Fine Calvados should not be wasted on heavy conversation. Not that I am not enjoying this conversation, because believe I am. It is just time to perhaps move on to something more jolly." His words dripped of the honey accent.

"Oh, and what do you propose we talk about?" she grinned before downing another sip of the wine.

"Perhaps let us start with what you enjoy to do when not saving the galaxy of course..." Thorrin replied as he topped off both of their glasses.

Aedel laughed in response. "You mean other than keeping captains and admiralty from killing themselves in a blaze of glory?" she joked


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