USS Imperator

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Posted on Thu Jan 7th, 2021 @ 9:15pm by Commodore Ledeya Ehestrei & Lieutenant Jania Elian MD

Mission: Starbase Sirius
Location: USS Cosmos
Timeline: 2397

The Shuttle from the Ajax was never on time and this was no exception. Jania Elian sat quietly as the pilot finally landed them in the shuttle bay of the Starbase. She gathered her things, and moved with the rest to the exit. She had a connection to make and she just hoped she was in time. Slinging the duffle over her shoulder, Nia considered her options as she exited the shuttle. She could run, find a transporter room or pray. Sighing, neither option sounded like a plan. The crowd was pretty busy as she moved towards the nearest exit, her destination, the Cosmos. They would take her to the Starbase where the Imperator was in dock.

Ledeya was running late thanks to the disciplinary that she had to attend to, which had made her late for everything since. She hated being late and worst of all she had given the order to make the onboarding process the way it was to allow for time for screening of everything. As she rounded the corner with her head in the PADD she did not notice the woman until she had already barged into her back. “Apologises.” She quickly said over the noise of the crowd. How many crew members were switching out again? How many people were they taking to Sirius? It suddenly felt the ship was going to be at max capacity.

“No my apologies Captain.” The teal collared Lieutenant replied even as she stepped clear of the Captain’s path. “I should remind myself to keep an eye out behind me to make sure I am not blocking the path.” Jania gave a hesitant smile.

Ledeya nearly corrected that it was Commodore but changed her mind Captain was appropriate. It made a few people look around and give her space. “It really was my thought I had my head in the PADD.” She admitted. “Are you joining Cosmos or are we ferrying you elsewhere?” She wondered stepping to the side to walk with the woman.

“I have been assigned to the Imperator. As their new Medical Chief” Jania replied with a smile. “And I am looking forward to the trip, way better than being stuck on a shuttle”

“Ah. Well as one medical officer to another...” Ledeya started revealing that under the red collar was a medical doctor who still kept up today with her license among other medical related things she needed to do to keep current. “... how do you feel about a Sovereign class?” She wondered thinking she might as well make conversation in the queue with another medical professor.

“It's a very nice class of vessel. I am more interested in it's medical department and layout. If it is in an efficient layout then it should work to the optimal level.” Jania replied.

“Cannot say I have studied it much I am afraid. Have you looked at it or served on one before?” Ledeya wondered thinking about her former fellow task group commanding officer and the Majestic. It was really a shame what had happened there and how the ship was no longer in the ninth fleet.

“I have, but sometimes CMO’s change the standard configuration to their own preference.” Jania said. “It's sometimes not for the best for other officers.”

Ledeya grinned a little and looked far too innocent for her own good. She was the Chief Medical Officer who reconfigured things. She suddenly felt sorry for any Chief Medical Officer who followed her on any of her postings before she slipped into the command track, “No not always.” She said as she started to see the end of the queuing.

“The Ajax’s CMO liked having the bio beds hidden from view” Jania said almost absently. “Each one needed to have a screen around it, regardless of if they were occupied or not.” she shifted her bag. “It got annoying.”

Ledeya did a double take as she thought about that set up and the quartermaster looked at her dumstruct as she was stood waiting patiently in the queue like anyone else. She never liked that set up, she liked to be able to do a visual scan of the sickbay before she even looking at the readings. It was important to not forget the basics of healing. “Well that is a unique approach I suppose.” She mused trying to not badmouth another doctor.

“It's hard to keep an eye on things. And patients use it to discharge themselves. Had two do it to her one day. Rather embarrassing to contact security.”Jania checked her PADD carefully as they moved towards the quartermaster.

“Commodore?” The quartermaster questioned looking a tad worried he was going to be told off.

“Afternoon Chief. Everyone coming onboard correctly?” The Captain of the vessel wondered as she took the PADD from him to see that 80% of people were onboard.

“Yes Sir. We should be ready by 18:00 hours. The new officers for Sirius are pretty much here. It is just mostly our new crew waiting now to get onboard.” Ledeya nodded. She knew it had been a hard request since 621 to comply with especially with such a big change over but she wanted everyone checked.

“You are doing a fantastic job of my request.” Ledeya assured as the quartermaster turned to the doctor.

Jania hid her surprise at the woman’s actual rank and handed over her orders to the quartermaster. “Just a passenger.” She said to him with a polite smile.

“Lots of them around at the moment.” The man commented on looking at the PADD checking it against the manifest before allowing her to pass by. “Your cargo has been brought onboard earlier and will be unloaded once we get to Sirius.” He added as she went past the security checkpoint.

“Thank you.” Jania said with a smile. “Way more organized than the QM on Ajax.” she mused.

“He is one of the best logistical minds I have met in my decade in Starfleet. I would almost wonder if he had a super computer in there.” Ledeya commented as the man turned away blushing at the compliment. He had never been complimented as highly as that before. “I train them well and after doing ship inspections I know what works and what really does not.”

Jania nodded. “Logical.” she smiled faintly. “I apologise for calling you the incorrect rank before Commodore.”

“Do not even fret. I am still a Captain of a vessel.” Unlike some members of the fleet or even federation I do not need my rank to know my worth.” She commented with a wink. It was something she had learnt as a doctor before fate and intervened to changed her from Chief Medical Officer to Captain in charge of a ship.

Jania smiled at that. “Well if your quartermaster is representative of your crew, I believe you must have one of the finest crews in the fleet.”

“I believe you’ll be joining another fine crew as well.” Ledeya assured with a nod. She could take a compliment but also give one back. “I will leave you to rest before joining your new ship doctor. If you need a tour around our sickbay you are more than welcome.” Ledeya said as a fair well to the other woman.

Jania smiled. “I may take you up on that Commodore.” With another smile and a nod, Jania headed for her cabin assignment.


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