USS Imperator


New Assignment

Posted on Sat Jan 9th, 2021 @ 11:41am by Captain Thomas Winter & Lieutenant Commander Aedele Baril

Mission: Shoreleave
Location: USS Imperator
Timeline: MD08 1500 Hours

The Trill woman sporting the Starfleet rank of lieutenant commander stared down at the PaDD containing her orders. She was to report aboard the USS Imperator as it's new Executive Officer. She still had a hard time to believe she was being assigned to a Sovereign Class Starship. While not the newest ship in the fleet, the Sovereign Class was still an outstanding vessel, capable to performing a host of missions from diplomacy to slugging it out with an enemy. Even the famous Enterprise had once been of this class. The Command red uniform was still an adjustment after years of wearing the Intelligence Grey. She was stepping into unfamiliar waters to be sure.

"We're ready to transport you to the Imperator, ma'am," the transporter chief replied from behind his console.

"Thank you, Chief," she said, looking up as she stepped onto the transporter pad and turned to face the transporter chief. "Energize."

Aedele felt the tingling sensation as the transporter beam activated. A moment later, the sensation faded as she materialized aboard the USS Imperator and it's much roomier transporter room. "Welcome aboard the USS Imperator, ma'am," replied the new transporter chief.

"Thank you," she replied, taking a step down off of the pad. "Computer, locate Captain Winter," she said.

"Captain Winter is in his ready room," came the feminine reply of the computer.

With her destination known, Aedele stepped off in a brisk pace out of the transporter room and down the corridor, pausing a moment at an intersection to get her bearings. She had studied the layout of the Imperator but it was still easy to get confused when you actually began to navigate it's corridors in person. She spotted a Vulcan wearing Science Blue. "Excuse me, ensign. Where is the nearest turbolift?"

Straight ahead in your direction and then turn at the next left and it will be at the end of Corridor J-12, ma'am," the science officer replied.

"Thank you, ensign," she said as she stepped off before the Vulcan could reply. A few seconds later, Aedele stepped into the turbolift. "Bridge," she commanded as the turbolift began it's journey. A moment later, she stepped out onto the bridge. The activity was subdued as majority of the ship's crew was on shoreleave. Pausing to take in the layout for a moment, watching seral crewman deliver reports to the officers posted at their assigned consoles. She made her way to the Ready Room and pressed the chime.

Tom was sat at his desk, a number of padds strewn across his desk. He had been reading up on Restnah IV. The elections opening ceremony was due to commence in seven days, and the fact that Starfleet had decided to re-assign Harry had been less than convenient for his preparations. As the chime rang, he set the padd down, rubbing his face slightly, trying to hide the fatigue that was betrayed by it.

"Come." He spoke as he looked up, trying his best to look put together.

Stepping through the door, Aedele took in the form of Captain Winter sitting behind his desk as she approached. She had managed to study his bio but those things only gave a basic readout of a person. Dealing with them personally was always another matter. "Lieutenant Commander Aedele Baril reporting for duty as the Imperator's new XO Sir," she announced as she came to attention in front of his desk.

"I see. At ease Commander, have a seat." Tom said, gesturing to the seat across from him "You'll have to forgive me, I was told you were coming but I was under the impression you were to rendezvous with us while we were en route to our next assignment, so I haven't had the chance to read your file. So instead, I'll offer you a drink and you can tell me a little about yourself."

Taking the offered seat, she watched the man approach the replicator. Her first inclination was to deny the drink but she decided against it as she would allow it to better know the Captain. "Thank you, Sir. I'll have a glass of Karvino Juice. As for myself, I come from Starfleet Intelligence so this is my first Command posting. Although I am Trill, I am...not joined," she said, the last words tasting bitter in her mouth even after all these years.

"One Karvino Juice and a Tarkalien Tea." Tom said as he tapped a control on his desk, the two cups materialising on the section of the desk beside the control before he passed the juice over to her as he quipped "Starfleet Intelligence, not here to spy on me, are you?"

Of course, he was sure... Mostly sure, that she wasn't there to spy on him. However, she was about to be working as his right hand, the last thing he wanted to do was piss her off by pressing on the chip on her shoulder the intonation of her comment about not being joined suggested.

A smirk played across her lips as she accepted the juice. She had always found it entertaining how ostracized Starfleet Intel was in regards to the rest of the Fleet. "Thank you, Sir, and no, I am not here to spy on you. I'm not Section 31. I am also well versed in Romulan matters due to my time as a field operative. I have a degree from Kem'alta Institute on Trill in Xeno Anthropology before I joined Starfleet."

"Xeno anthropology?" Tom noted as he sipped his tea "Sounds better suited to a science officer than Intelligence. What brought the career path about?"

Aedele shrugged as she swallowed her sip of the juice. "I had considered the Science Field when I applied to Starfleet but I was approached by Starfleet Intelligence and asked to work with them as they stated that they would believe I would be happier in Intel, and I was. It offered more of a challenge and I got to study the cultures of other species and their governments while assigned to them."

"Well, that explains why you came recommended. Our mission we're due to depart on shortly involves us helping oversee the first Democratic election on the planet Restnah IV. We made first contact back in 2384, just after they achieved Warp Capability. They've made a lot of advancements in the last decade, going from where Earth was in 2063 to where it was in 2151 in that time. Apparently, the war economy the previous dictator set up had some scientific perks." Tom explained, offering her a padd "Now, I'll be candid. In terms of your job, I don't give a shit that you're unjoined. Hell, I wouldn't give a shit if you were. My expectations of my First Officer are based on the position, not on the number of lifetimes experience they have. The fact that you were recommended by Starfleet Command means you're good for the job, and that's good enough for me."

Aedele took the padd, glancing at it. "Thank you, Captain," she replied sincerely looking at the man before glancing back down to the padd in her hand. She knew that such elections were fragile and often full of issues. "Did the population of Restnah Four receive any aid from the Federation in their development?"

"Some Humanitarian aid through the years, help with Agriculture. Their defence minister, Governor Jole, asked a number of times for Starfleet's assistance in keeping the peace. However, the Prime Directive applies and no interference was allowed." Tom said "Then, after the attack on Mars, our support for them was cut back, though it did persist more than the aid for the Romulans. After all, these people are much less advanced than the Romulans, and with them not too far from the Klingons door step but still well within Federation space, they would make tempting targets. Hell, all things considered, I'm not sure we should be undertaking this mission, but I know the reason Imperator is taking Admiral Lancaster is he was on the original mission that made First Contact with these people. He has an existing relationship. He's hoping somewhere down the line we might be able to bring them into the Federation, though given they are so fresh from a Dictatorship, I'm not sure if that's something that can occur any time soon."

"Restnah Four is a bomb ready to explode, Sir," Baril stated, placing the padd back onto the desk. "The Admiral is a damn fool for believing otherwise."

"Our job is to make sure it doesn't, Commander." Tom nodded "If I'm honest, I'm not wholly happy with the mission myself. However, it is the mission we have been assigned and we will carry it out. With that being said, while we can officiate, and even provide security, we are not to get involved in what is intrinsically an internal matter. With that being said, we need to properly study the people involved. I'll be calling a senior staff meeting in three days time when we are en route. You have until then to become an expert."

"Understood, Sir," she said after finishing a long sip of her juice. She would much rather be running another operation into Romulan Space than this mission. "I'll compile and distribute the information to the senior officers prior to the meeting."

"Thank you." Tom nodded "Is there anything you want to ask me before you're dismissed?"

"When will Admiral Lancaster be coming aboard?" she asked.

"He's supposed to be here tomorrow at 1500." Tom said before noting "So knowing him, he'll show up today at 2100."

"I've met many admirals like that," she commented. "Does he require any special arrangements prior to his coming aboard?"

"Well this used to be his ship, technically it's still his flagship, though he doesn't retain Command due to his position in Command of Sirius." Tom said "So just make sure no one's scratched the panelling in the corridors and we should be fine. However, if you want to get on his good side, the Admiral likes Scotch. Personally, I'm more of a Bourbon man but that's just me being a Kentucky boy."

Aedele nodded as she thought about the request. "I am sure I can procure some scotch for the admiral on the station. That is all the questions I have, Sir." Already she could tell this was going to be an interesting assignment.

"In that case, I won't keep you any longer." Tom said with a smile "Dismissed."

Aedele stood. "Aye, Sir." She then promptly left the Ready Room, making her way to the turbolift--she had alot to get done in the next three days.