USS Imperator

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An Ordered Encounter

Posted on Fri Jan 8th, 2021 @ 6:23pm by Captain Thomas Winter & Lieutenant JG Macton Delvore

Mission: Shoreleave
Location: Starbase Sirius, Office - Captain Thomas Winter
Timeline: MD04 1030 Hours

Mack stepped off the transporter pad, having chosen that as his means of arrival. As soon as he left the main transport station, Mack could see the hustle and bustle of the Starbase. There were people everywhere, walking to and fro, in and out. Fortunately, Mack was familiar with the layout of this particular model starbase, so he walked towards the officer on duty to receive his official, and initial, orders for his new assignment. He was instructed to report to his new Commanding Officer, who had temporarily taken up residence on the Base. There were many reasons for it, but Mack's new ship was likely in a big firefight and in need of restoration. Of course, it was no matter. He needed to report in.

The walk to the office was more pleasurable than Mack expected. There was much to do on the Starbase, he noticed. There were several restaurants with cuisines he didn't even recognize and several other cultural offerings. He hoped he had time to enjoy a few of them before departing. Arriving at the office in question, Mack signalled his presence.

Tom was sat at the desk in the office he'd been assigned, perusing repair logs on a padd when the chime signalled he had a visitor. He adjusted his uniform slightly, setting the padd down on his desk before he finally spoke.

"Come." Tom ordered, clasping his hands together and setting them on the desk.

After being acknowledged, Mack entered and stood at attention. "Lieutenant Macton Delvore, reporting for duty, sir."

"Delvore... Yes, you're our new Helmsman. Sorry things haven't quite gone to plan on your transfer. Trouble with the Klingons." Tom said with a small smile "At ease, Lieutenant. Would you like a drink? Tea, coffee?"

Never one to turn down a beverage, Mack responded, "Please. Earl Grey, thank you sir." Mack stood at ease.

"Tea, earl grey, hot. And a Tarkalean tea." Tom spoke as he pressed a control on his desk, the beverages materialising on a small pad in the left hand corner, Tom sliding one over to the other side of the desk "I could get used to having the replicator built into the desk. Have a seat. How was the trip?"

Mack took the seat in front of him and accepted the tea. "It was quick, sir. Never underestimate the speed of an Intrepid class."

“You should try the Vesta I rode back from my last assignment on.” Tom smirked lightly “Got a trip that would take about four and a half days at maximum warp done in minutes.”

Not shocked, but still impressed, Mack said, "Wow, that's unreal. Did you even bother to step off the transporter pad?"

"Yes, I had to have my tea with the Admiral. There was also a debrief involved." Tom remarked, taking a sip from his cup as if to illustrate what he was referring to "Anyway, I'll get to the summary of what's going on. We're going to be here on the Starbase for a couple more weeks while they finish up repair and refit of Imperator. That means although you've just got here, you’re getting a few days of impromptu leave. With that said, I'm meeting Admiral Lancaster later to discuss our next assignment when we do ship out. I'll then be calling a senior staff meeting within the next few days, so don't go too far!"

Mack nooded in understanding. "I haven't had the pleasure of this station's offerings, so I'll certainly make use of the leave." He made a mental checklist of the restaurants he was about to become familiar with. A perfect opportunity!

"There's a bar in the promenade that most people say is great on their first visit. Take it from someone whose been checking in and out of this station for months while on border patrol, don't go there. It's owned by some fat Ferengi named Lok who just wants to rinse your pockets of Latinum. The fact he's married to an Orion woman named Lhea has made me question if it's a front for Syndicate activity, especially when they take back room meetings with several less than savoury characters, but I've been advised by the Admiral to give the pair the benefit of the doubt, at least for the time being." Tom said, not making any attempt to hide his disdain for Lok and his wife "I'd suggest the bar a few decks down from there, a place called O'Reilly's. Owned by a lovely Irish woman. It's a dive and honestly it's patrons can be less savoury than Lok's, but they serve the best burgers you will ever have."

Mack nodded. He'd not gone through that deck on his way up so he made another mental note to take a stroll down there. "I'll have to add that to the list. It seems to be growing every moment I'm on board."

"You'll get used to it." Tom smiled lightly "If that's everything, Lieutenant, then I'll let you get on. Unless you have any questions for me?"

"Actually, sir, you've given me quite a lot to think about," Mack replied, before adding, "and try. I'll be ready to go on your order."

“Thank you, Lieutenant.” Tom said, sipping his tea “Welcome aboard. Dismissed."


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