USS Imperator

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Last duty

Posted on Sun Dec 27th, 2020 @ 12:08pm by Lieutenant Jania Elian MD

Mission: Starbase Sirius
Location: USS Ajax
Timeline: 2 days prior to transfer

It was early morning on the Ajax, way to early for any decent person to be up and about. Ellena Nasserite, one of the many nurses on the ship walked over to the small office, the doctors under Commander Verooa used to do their paper work and peeked inside. Just as she thought. Nia was sleeping at one of the desks. And here she thought Trills were meant to be smarter then that. She quickly went to the coffee pot and made a fresh batch. That would wake the Trill up. When the new batch was made, she poured a large mug and began to wave it under Jania's nose.

The trill's nose twitched and wrinkled and slowly the left eye opened. And words came from the Trill's parched lips.

"Hmmm Fresh Coffee" Jania said softly

Ellena smiled. "That's right.. Freshly brewed Coffee. Come on sleepy head.
Wake up."

"I am awake Nasserite. I am definitely awake." Jania said as she lifted herself off of the desk

Ellena: "So spill what made you fall asleep this time? More paperwork before you leave?"

""Um.. no. Elian wants his memoirs written. And I spent half the night performing the Rite Of Emergence. And the rest arguing with two of the former hosts who wont say a damn thing!" She looked at the JAVA in the young woman's hand. "Do I have to order you to give me the cup Ellena?"

Ellena laughed softly and handed it over.

"You should have done it in your cabin. More comfortable when
you fall asleep there."

"I started there. But when I got to Meriden, she wanted to know some medical stuff. So I thought I could do that. But after she got what she wanted, she refused to help with her time as host except beyond what is common knowledge. And Zuri was Just as bad." She paused and sipped "Hmmmm heavenly. Kenya AA Coffee?" She asked with a smile. "Intense full body with a palette pleasing sharpness and a wonderfully complex aroma, it has to be Kenya AA."

"You are correct. Enjoy. And go home. You are not on duty until later you know."

With a nod, the Doctor stood. "Hmm I think you have the right
of it. But I will be on call if any one needs me ok?"

"I will inform the Chief. But things will be quiet I am sure now that everything is done." She paused "Good luck with the memoirs."

The Doc smiled. "I think I will leave it for the next host. Maybe they can get more out of Meriden and Zuri then me."

Ellena waved.

Jania with the cup of Coffee in hand, gathered up a pile of PADDS and
put them in a satchel and slung it over her shoulder before exiting
the small office and out of med bay. Heading for her small cabin and
possibly a warm bath before her next shift.

Even as she walked, she counted down the hours until her transfer was complete.. soon, soon she would be on her way to the Imperator and she would be happy.


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