USS Imperator


Absolute Power Captain's Log 1

Posted on Tue Feb 23rd, 2021 @ 6:04pm by Captain Thomas Winter

Captain's Log, Stardate 72090.04

Imperator has arrived in orbit of Restnah IV a day ahead of schedule. While Admiral Lancaster wanted to aim to arrive on time, I felt it prudent that we get here that little bit earlier in order to properly assess any potential security concerns. After all, less than a quarter of a century ago, this was a world that not only had yet to master warp travel, but was also ruled over by a man who, if the research I’ve done on the historical files we have on this world is to be believed, would give Colonel Phillip Green a run for his money in terms of despotic behaviour.

I hate to admit it, but perhaps the concerns that Commander Baril voiced in my briefing were warranted after all. I’ve gone ahead and flagged some individuals I feel to be a risk, that I think should be monitored discretely. One is Governor Jole. He is former Administrator Inep’s youngest son, and holds the office of Governor of one of the smaller cities on the planet. Near as I can tell, he was given the position after the deposition and subsequent execution of his father and two elder brothers. Though he swears that he condemns their actions more than any other, for a man not to want revenge for the deaths of his family would be absolutely bizarre, in any culture.

I’m also more than a little concerned about Minister Wertast. Though he requested Federation oversight and is running in the elections, I do fear the old adage. Those who gain power fear to lose it. I’m not sure that if things don’t go his way he won’t plunge the planet into a Wertast Protectorate to match that of Inep. Admiral Lancaster assures me this isn’t a concern, and that he knows the man, but Admiral Lancaster also entertained a relationship with a woman who turned out to be a Tal Shiar spy for over a year. I trust his judgement from a Command point of view, but his judgement of people sometimes leaves something to be desired.

I’m also concerned about our proximity to the Klingon Border. After our conflict with Kee’Bhor I’m far from convinced that we have seen the last of him. Once a Klingon house declares you an enemy, there is very little that will dissuade them from pursuing you until they see you dead. With this planet’s proximity to the Empire, I can’t imagine it would take much for Kee’Bhor to convince the High Council to attempt to annex it while it’s development is in it’s infancy in order to harness their rapid growth for themselves, despite his frosty relationship with the council.

However, I am looking forward to the opportunity to learn from these people. Since the attack on Utopia Planitia a decade ago, missions like these are harder and harder to come by, as the Federation and Starfleet become more introverted. They are something to be savoured, to be cherished. My only hope is that this one will not be perverted into something awful.