USS Imperator

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Captain's Log 1 (Takan's Rift)

Posted on Tue Oct 2nd, 2018 @ 8:08am by Rear Admiral Oliver Lancaster

Captain's Log, supplemental.

We're en route to Takan's rift, an anomaly on the edge of Klingon space. It's never been considered a particularly interesting anomaly by Starfleet Command. The last survey was conducted in 2345 by the Stargazer under Jean-Luc Picard. The report I read cited it as being "absolutely worthy of our time."

Having heard some stories of the sardonic wit of Captain Picard, I have to assume that is it in action. The fact that Starfleet has only surveyed it a handful of times since it formed in 2182 certainly supports this.

Still, hopefully the anomaly will present something interesting. Doubtful, especially since I know this is Starfleet trying to keep us out of the way. Out of trouble. Most importantly, out of the papers.

Most Starfleet Admirals enjoy a certain fame and prestige in the Federation news service. I, on the other hand, have joined a more infamous cadre. Admiral Matthew Leyton, who led a coup on Earth in the 2370's. Admiral Lance Cartwright, who was part of a cabal intent on preventing the first Khitomer Accords. And, of course, Admiral James T Kirk, who famously stole the USS Enterprise to take to the outlawed Genesis system.

Of course, some would argue the last is good company. Hell, I wrote my dissertation on the man so I would have to agree. However, it's amazing how the tabloids remember only the bad when writing their articles.

Still, who knows, maybe I'll find something here to get back in their good graces.

End of Log.


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