USS Imperator

Starbase Sirius

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Status Current Mission
Description A place for all Task Force 47 posts relating to Starbase Sirius to go.
Mission Group Task Force 47
Start Date Thu Jan 1st, 1970 @ 1:00am

Mission Posts

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Title Timeline Location
A mentor never stops mentoring
by Lieutenant Commander Aedele Baril
MD09 1830 Hours XO Quarters; Deck 2; USS Imperator
Meeting the 2nd XO
by Lieutenant Commander Aedele Baril & Lieutenant Commander Thorrin
MD 08 1600 Hours USS Imperator; Deck 4
by Commodore Ledeya Ehestrei & Lieutenant Jania Elian MD
2397 USS Cosmos
Last duty
by Lieutenant Jania Elian MD
2 days prior to transfer USS Ajax
With Me or Against Me (Crossover with USS Pioneer)
by Captain Tyler Malbrooke & Rear Admiral Oliver Lancaster
Stardate 73831.85 Admirals Office, Starbase Sirius

Mission Summary