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Lieutenant JG Tobias Argyle

Name Tobias Argyle

Position Chief Intelligence Officer

Rank Lieutenant JG

Character Information

Gender Male
Species Human
Age 25

Physical Appearance

Height 6 Feet
Weight 177 Lbs
Hair Color Brown
Eye Color Brown
Physical Description Tobias stands at 6 feet of pure muscle. He keeps his hair short but enough that he can style it if he wants to. There is a Marine tattoo of the Regiment that he was attached to on his right arm.


Spouse None
Children None
Father Greg Argyle
Mother Jessica Argyle
Brother(s) Joey Argyle
Sister(s) Sarah Tree

Personality & Traits

General Overview Tobias is your typical Marine that has seen and done it all. He has calmed down a lot since when he first got in and now thinks rather than acts. He analyze everyone he talks to and ranks them on what he needs done in the future and their willingness to do it.

He has a survivor attitude due to growing up on Mars and the harshness of the Colony. He likes to work out and can normally be found in the Gym working out or running the corridors if there is no Gym available.
Hobbies & Interests Working out, cooking, reading, sending time on a M Class planet when able.

Personal History The Argyles come from a long line of explorers. There had been an Argyle that was part of the first Mars Colonization Team to help set up the Colony and ended up staying. Over the course of Mars life the Argyles had risen and fallen in power and favor. There had been Argyles that had been in Government and those that had been part of organize crime, though it should be pointed out by Starfleet Intelligence not for three decades now.

Tobias was born to Greg and Jessica, born second into the family he was your typical middle child that didn't fall through the cracks though. Greg and Jessica ensured that all of their children felt loved. Greg worked as a Maintenance Worker and Jessica a Medical Clerk and kept their Children always learning.

Tobias did okay in school, he maintained a middle grade average but didn't really apply himself as he just wanted to get to the end of the day and go exploring. Growing up on Mars was interesting to say the least. He always heard stories of looking up at blue sky and seeing clouds, dome life was very different then what kids from Earth used to tell him. He tried to get out of the Dome as much as possible when he was able to as he liked to see what Mars had to offer.

Upon graduating Tobias joined the Starfleet, his Father wasn't surprised as he had also been in the Starfleet for a bit before settling down. His first couple of Ships were no issues and after his third round he was looking for a bit more of a challenge. He noticed a Chief Intelligence Officer had opened up on the Imperator that seemed to have had a few people come and go. He put in a Transfer application to go and check it out.
Service Record Starfleet Academy
USS Halifax - Intelligence Officer
USS Helo - Intelligence Officer
USS Dragon - Assistant Intelligence Officer
USs Imperator - Chief Intelligence Officer