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Lieutenant JG Macton Delvore

Name Macton Delvore

Position Chief Flight Control Officer

Rank Lieutenant JG

Character Information

Gender Male
Species Human
Age 28

Physical Appearance

Height 173 cm
Weight 68 kg
Hair Color Black
Eye Color Dark Brown
Physical Description Mack is muscular and fit. He wears his hair cut short. He has a scar on his chest from a lung transplant.


Spouse None
Children None
Father Larramie Delvore
Mother Helen Delvore
Brother(s) None
Sister(s) None
Other Family Captain Edward Delvore - Paternal Uncle

Personality & Traits

General Overview Before his accident, Mack was the stereotypical Type A personality. Headstrong, confident almost to the point of arrogant, popular, and a great smile. He had everything one traditionally would think you would want. After the shuttle accident, Mack became much more reserved socially. He will still talk to people, but he no longer goes out of his way to make those emotional connections. People tend to have to break down his emotional walls to get close. It can be done though. He still feels a tremendous amount of guilt for the lost lives during his shuttle accident.

Professionally, Mack still values high performance. He does his job with the utmost precision and decorum required and expected of him. That will never change. He is the job now.
Strengths & Weaknesses Mack is an exceptional pilot. Even under duress, he's cool and pilots whatever vessel he's on to near perfection. He also has a fair amount of skill in the art of kick boxing, it being his primary hobby. He's got a general working knowledge of most things, but he's by no means an expert in any of them, save for flying.

Mack is the job. He's a prime example of a good officer, but his sociability has taken a downturn since his accident. Subconsciously, he's working on it, but its likely going to take a professional to get him back to where he used to be, if its even possible.
Ambitions Survival is always on his mind now. Making each day a little less painful always helps.
Hobbies & Interests Kick-boxing

Personal History Mack's early life was nothing overly special in the history of the universe. He was born in New England in 2368 to a pair of restaurant owners. Their spot was quite popular, so Mack had met quite a few new people in his early life. In his early years, he was always the life of the party. As he got older and into school, Mack found himself longing for something more. He did well in school and had a relative who was a command grade officer in Starfleet sponsor him, so Mack applied and tested for the academy. He made the cut and entered the academy.

After the academy, Mack was assigned, along with many, to Starbase 114 as a shuttle pilot. 114 was a big supply hub for the area, so Mack got a lot of action running smaller supply runs in shuttles and runabouts. He also spent a lot of time as the Federation Taxi service, making transport runs all around the sector. It was a relatively uneventful six months, but it did get him an assignment as a relief helmsman on one of the garrison ships, the USS Europa, an older Miranda class ship. Mack spent two years on the Europa, eventually becoming one of the primary shift bridge officers.

In 2394, the executive officer of the Europa, who had a science background, was offered command of a survey vessel, the Galileo. Having worked quite frequently with Mack, she asked Mack to join her on the Galileo, assigning him as the assistant department chief. For a science vessel, they saw a suprising amount of combat. Smaller skirmishes, to be sure, but it was very valuable exprience to Mack. His most important career event had a very impactful outcome for him. During a rescue mission, Mack and his immediate superior were piloting two shuttles away from a planet. They came under fire from a small squadron of pirate vessels. Mack lost one of his engines and began slowing tremendously. Manueverability had also been compromised. The pirates then focused on the other shuttle, who had begun to put distance between the two. The irates overwhelmed the shuttle and destroyed it, but noyt before a piece of wreckage was propelled into Mack's shuttle, causing irreversable damage. His own pilot console exploded, leaving him unconscious. When he awoke three days later, Mack learned that the Galileo had arrived at the last minute and was able to fend off the pirates. There was a cost though. In the destruction that had ensued before the Galileo arrived, the other shuttle, along with all its occupants had been killed, and three of the occupants of Mack's shuttle also died from injuries. Mack also suffered the loss of a lung and it was replaced by an artificial lung. In the weeks that followed, Mack was elevated to acting Chief until a permanent replacement was found. However, in a seeming fleet reshuffle, much of the Galileo's crew was reassigned to other vessels and bases. Mack was sent to the USS Imperator, where he would don the mantle of the Chief of Flight Control.
Service Record 2386 - Entered Starfleet Academy

2390 - Graduated Starfleet Academy
- Assignment, Starbase 114, Support Craft Pilot

2391 - Transfer, USS Europa, Relief Flight Control Officer
2392 - Delta Shift Flight Control Officer

2394 - Transfer, USS Galileo, Asst Chief Flight Control Officer

2396 - Transfer, USS Imperator, Chief Flight Control Officer