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Lieutenant Jania Elian

Name Jania Elian MD

Position Chief Medical Officer

Rank Lieutenant

Character Information

Gender Female
Species Trill (Joined)
Age 29

Physical Appearance

Height 5f9
Weight 135LBS
Hair Color Brown
Eye Color Brown
Physical Description Tall with lightly tanned skin and crescent shaped Trill markings, she has light brown eyes that in some lights can seem to be amber and long dark hair. She always wears her hair down when off duty but when on duty it is up in a pony tail with the tail hanging loose.


Father Marc Sagan
Mother Sirin Sagan
Sister(s) • Lilly - Scientist
• Glade - Teacher
• Aalycia - Civilian

Personality & Traits

General Overview Jania can be shy and reserved when she doesn't know anyone, but once she does she can be a very outgoing person. Jania has a temper but it is a slow fuse and she can be often found working out if it gets to much.

Jania fits the Defender Personality Type if you had to classify her.
Strengths & Weaknesses + Supportive
+ Reliable and Patient
+ Imaginative and Observant
+ Enthusiastic
+ Loyal and Hard-Working
+ Good Practical Skills

-Take Things Too Personally
-Represses her Feelings
-Overloads herself at times
-Too Altruistic
- Stubborn
Ambitions To one day teach Medicine at Starfleet Academy
Hobbies & Interests Languages: Trill, Bajoran, Federation Standard

Interests/Hobbies: Reading Medical Journals, Exploring, Rock climbing, Swimming, Scuba Diving and anything that ups the adrenalin. Ancient languages and Cultures, Reading fantasy novels, Holodeck programs, Ancient weapons and collecting said weapons, Anti-grav walks and 20th century Earth films and Music, Dancing, singing and acting.

Personal History Host:

Jania was born on Trill into a loving family. She has three older sisters and she is the youngest of the family. Her parents are both unjoined Trills as are her sisters. Her father is a doctor on Trill and her mother is a happy housewife. Her eldest sister Lilly is a scientist on Scientia colony and the next eldest Glade is a civilian teacher on the USS Striker. The third, Aalycia is married and lives on Terra with her husband and two children. Jania grew up on Trill with her family and was a very active child, she was always into things and could never be found when there were chores to do. She and her sisters always got along and they write letters to each other often. They grew up supporting each other in everything that they did. If one was sick then the other three would be found beside her.

When She started school at age 3, her teachers found she was interested in becoming a host. Strange for a child of unjoined parents, but no one tried to stop her. Even at a young age, to have such determination was strange. When she reached the age of 8 she began to up her study load, her goal firmly fixed in her mind. When she finished her education at 14, a full 2 years a head of her class, she applied to the Symbiosis commission. Accepted she spent 4 years there. A host has to be 18 to be implanted with a symbiont. In her 18th year she was accepted by the Elian Symbiont as a host. The Elian symbiont has had 6 hosts before Jania, making her the 7th host.

After implantation She applied to Starfleet. She was accepted and she passed the exams easily. She chose to take the full four year courses and then do the two years at Starfleet medical. Her blending with Elian had shown her that there was a lot more out there for her to do. So she packed and went to Earth. Lugging Elian’s weapon collection with her. Her symbiont had, in the past, had a host who collected weapons, and part of the legacy was that each host inherited the collection. She arrived and was assigned her dorm room.

She loved her time at the academy and earned the nickname ‘007’ because of her knowledge of gadgets and computer systems (thanks Elian) and because of her popularity with the male cadets. Jania dated rarely and never had a relationship with any of her fellow cadets but that never stopped the guys from trying. Jania had many friends from both sexes and was often out partying on free weekends. She joined the academy’s drama society and made a lot of her friends that way as well as joining the Academy’s swim team, where in her final year she was team Captain. She worked hard while at the academy and was soon placed in charge of her own unit.

The unit was called “Omega”. All members of the six person squad have a small tattoo on their right shoulder blade of the Omega signal. The squad included three humans, Adriana Edwards, Jake O’Neil and Charlie Harris, a Vulcan, S’lek, and a Betazoid, Jasmine Serefel and Jania. During a training mission Jania and her unit were assigned to land a shuttle on a planet with a hostile environment. They were to land, retrieve an object and get back to the shuttle and back to the spaceship. The planet known as Bersallis 3 frequently has firestorms and the cadets job was simple. That was until a member of the team decided to explore the area without his teammates. Jania and the others finished the job and when she counted heads she realized that Charlie Harris was missing. She knew that a firestorm was coming and after contacting Charlie she learned that he had fallen and hurt his ankle and was stranded.

Jania made a decision and sent the rest of the team back to the ship with the object and after grabbing enough supplies for two people she started out on a trek to rescue her fellow cadet. She found him and managed to get them both to safety before the approaching firestorm hit. They hid in a cave until they could be rescued. With the heavy ionization in the atmosphere transporters were useless and they had to wait for another shuttle to be sent down. Though nothing was ever said publicly Charlie and Jania became closer with him backing her up in difficult situations and the like. He became a sort of body guard and most of the squad knew this and the Omega’s became closer than ever due to the adventure that their squad leader and the 2IC had gone through.

The young Trill was happy and continued her studies and graduated from the academy in the top 5% of her class. But her success with her academy time did not dim her desire to follow her medical career, so she then went to Starfleet medical for two years. Leaving her unit was hard for Nia but she managed quite well. As her fellow cadets were off making names for themselves, she was studying to become a doctor. After two years at Starfleet Medical, she graduated in the top two percent of her class. She graduated in 2392.

From there she was assigned to starbase 273 as a medical Officer with the rank of Lt.jg. She spent a year there. Working hard she made a few friends and was reunited with one of her Omega teammates. Jake O’Neil, now a full Lieutenant in Security greeted her on her first day there. They remained friends though Nia was very curious about what a relationship with him would be like.

In 2394, she was promoted and transferred to the USS Tori, under the command of Captain Lionel Hasten. 56 year old Hasten had been a freshly minted ensign when he had met Meriden Elian. One of Elian’s former hosts. He had only known her for 3 years before her death. He saw the newest host of Elian as an instant friend and Jania found him good company. She discovered he had also been acquainted with Zuri Elian, the host after Meriden. But he could not shed light on either woman’s deaths. Or would not. Jania never found out. It should be noted that Lionel Hasten was one of a few outside the Trill homeworld to know that they were symbiotic beings before 2367.

Her two years on the Tori were a mix of fun and hard work for Jania. She loved her posting and it showed in her work. In 2394, Hasten was transferred and the CO who took over, chose to get rid of those who had been close to Hasten. Nia found herself being transferred to the AJAX with a slight demotion. She had made Assistant chief on Tori, and had found herself a plain medical officer on the Ajax.

A year was all it took on the Ajax for her to ask for a transfer off it. She was transferred in the beginning of 2396 to the USS Imperator, as Chief medical officer.


Symbiont Date of Birth: 2171
Symbiont Age: 225
Symbiont Place of Birth: Caves of Mak'ala, Trill
Elian was a Trill symbiont, a symbiotic life-form that existed with the
humanoid Trill as a joined species. Each joining of Elian with a host c
reated a new, unique individual, but each individual also carried the
memories of the previous hosts.
Elian was born on Trill, in the Caves of Mak'ala like all Trill symbionts.

Previous Hosts:
1st host: 2180-2250 Cade Elian:

At 18, a young initiate named Cade Igan finished the initiate courses on Trill. He waited a few days before being informed that a symbiont was available for him. The symbiont was known as Elian. Cade underwent the joining procedure and there were no repercussions with the blending. Elian accepted his young host straight away. Cade went on to study science and he married another trill named Mari Kyler and together they had three children named Erix, Darien, and Miran. Cade had a very analytical mind, and was a superb mathematician. He also was a loving father and enjoyed fishing and camping. But his passion was science. He became a prominent scientist on Trill. He died in 2250 of old age. He knew his predecessor would do well by Elian.

2nd Host: 2250-2265 Ayden Elian:

In 2250, Ayden Kaex was an up and coming politician. He had undertaken the initiate training though had been turned down for implantation since his graduation, having been told that there were no symbionts for him. But in 2250 at the age of 25, all that changed. Cade Elian, a joined trill scientist passed on, and the Symbiont, Elian was offered to Ayden. Ayden eagerly agreed. He worked hard in the political arena and was slated for a post on the Symbiosis Commission, but that never came to be. In 2265 he was shot by an unknown sniper at a political rally for candidate Micah Liras, Ayden’s Lover. It was not until his death, that Ayden’s sexual orientation came to the fore. He was Gay. But his family fought and his accomplishments are remembered well. He knew Galactic Politics backwards and forwards. He could talk to anyone without a blink and he had a very romantic Soul. He remains to this day, a respected politician and one who is praised for his stance on rights for all.

3rd Host: 2265-2300 Jaran Elian:

In 2265, a young ensign, named Jaran Tali was approached by the symbiosis commission. He had been selected for implantation. Jaran had grown up on Trill before undergoing the initiate program and then going to Starfleet academy. He had graduated from both with fairly good grades, and when approached he went home for the implantation. His brief leave of absence was noted by Starfleet as a ‘family’ emergency. His love of the stars and space gave him an advantage when the symbiosis commission was looking for a new host for the Elian Symbiont. After all, the Symbionts and the Trill try to experience as many different things in their lifetimes as they can. Jaran Elian, returned to Starfleet, saying his name change was part of his culture after a certain age.

For 35 years he and Elian lived a life of adventure and when Jaran because captain of the USS Nottingham, both were very happy. A dedicated, loyal soldier, Jaran collected weapons which in his will he stated that they be passed on to the next in the Elian line and continue to do so for as long as the Symbiont lived. In 2300, during a brief skirmish with the klingons, Jaran was gravely injured, though, he refused medical attention and had the Nottingham return him to Trill where he handed his resignation to Starfleet. His crew learned 3 days later that Jaran had passed due to his injuried. Captain Jaran Elian, before his death, had selected the next host, a young Trill named Meriden Halli. His face is in the hall of fallen Heros at the Academy. And on the plaque beneath it, it reads ‘Captain Jaran Elian. USS Nottingham, Robin Hood and His Merry men have nothing on this man!’ Which was his XO’s way of saying good bye.

4th Host: 2300-2345 Meriden Elian:

Meriden Halli was hand picked by Jaran Elian to take the Elian symbiont after his death. She was a new graduate from Starfleet Medical and had only just entered the initiate program on Trill. She accepted the honor with a smile and nothing more. As Elian’s fourth host, and first female host, she found it at first difficult to handle Elian, who was so used to men. She was very secretive to the rest of her crew mates. She served on many ships, and was seen as loyal to the federation, calm, rational and intelligent. Nothing more than this is known about her. She died in 2345 in mysterious circumstances, shortly after telling ensign Lionel Hasten her secret. It is believed that she wiped all her records before her death. Upon her death, the body was sent in stasis as per her wishes to Trill. There, the symbiont was removed and given to Zuri Hardens, a diplomatic officer within the federation. (Has a Classified Intelligence file)

5th Host: 3245-2364 Zuri Elian:

Zuri Hardens, was a trained diplomat who had only just graduated from the initiate program when she was offered the Elian Symbiont. She was very hesitant and she doubted her ability to handle the symbiont. But she eventually got over it and threw herself into her chosen field of Diplomacy. She was one of the diplomats at the Second Khitomer Accords. While there she suffered a personal trauma. She was assaulted by the Andorian ambassador. This forced her back into her shell, and she mistrusted men to a certain degree. She spoke many languages and loved learning them. She was one of the First Ambassadors to the Federation from Trill to be female and joined. In 2364 at talks with Andoria, she came face to face with the man who had assaulted her. The next day she was assassinated. Her body was transported to Trill in Stasis and there Elian was given to the next host. The assassin was never caught.

6th Host: 2364 -2385: Helena Elian:

Helena Jex was a student at the Academy when she learned of her acceptance as a host for the Elian symbiont. She was honored to be granted the opportunity to be the host. She graduated as Helena Elian. She was transferred to the USS Enterprise and was a security officer there. She was very outgoing, positive, active, and optimistic. She loved to cook home cooked meals and enjoyed being with other people. She died in 2385 due to wounds sustained on an away mission. Elian was transported back to Trill in time to be joined with a young initiate named Jania Sagan.

Service Record Education: Standard Education on Trill until she was 14. 2370-2381
Trill Symbiosis Commission, 14-18 2381-2385
Starfleet Academy 19-23 2386- 2390
Starfleet Medical Internship 23-25 2390-2392

2393-2394: Lieutenant JG: Starbase 273: Medical Officer
2394-2395:USS Tori, Lieutenant: Assistant Chief Medical Officer
2395-2396: USS Ajax, Lieutenant: Medical Officer
2396: USS Imperator: Lieutenant, Chief Medical Officer